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We are bursting from the seams with love and appreciation we get from our loyal fans and we love to share their feedback and best wishes with the world.

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we are open for business!

It has been too long since we have seen your faces! Our coffee needs to be shared and don’t forget our treats. AND yes, do not worry, everything is still R10!

the dalgona coffee craze

It’s been a while since we saw your faces and can’t wait to open our doors again. But until then we are here to keep you entertained and share some interesting ideas.

what will you remember?

When all the levels of lockdown are called off, and we are free to move around and travel again to all parts of the world, what will you remember most about your time at home?

meet Tiffany

Expanding our business has been part of our starting dream since day one, and we are so proud to have yet another Franchisee join our Xpresso family. We are proud to see people stand up for themselves, make life-changing choices and grow their future.

yes, we have vouchers!

It’s time to spoil our customers and say thank you for your support. We are so excited to see you once we open back up, we just cannot wait. We truly miss our customers. I know many people say this, but we really do.

why we opened Xpresso.

When you think of a new business idea, it generally is a good suggestion to choose something that will have a lasting effect on your customers. We wanted to make sure each of our customers feels loved and appreciated and most of all valued as a customer that we truly care about.

we will miss you.

We here at Xpresso Cafe want to wish everyone a safe and healthy lockdown. We know that this is a very hard time for all of our customers and we pray that this virus will soon be just a bad memory.

meet Audrey.

From day one, Audrey’s energy has always filled the room she finds herself in and her compassion for the people around her is powerful. She is not only friendly, but she has an honest and caring nature which is very hard to find.

xpresso corporate stores.

Except for our most popular questions, ‘Is everything R10?’ and ‘for how long will this special be?’ Another question we get asked a lot is if we can open an Xpresso store inside a corporate business.

xpresso... the people behind the scenes.

Xpresso is truly a dream come true for us. As Owners and Franchisors, we, Nicolene and Tomer Elhadad are so proud of how this brand has grown and the massive difference this has brought to the South African market.

the reason behind the R10

“How can you sell everything for R10?” , “How are you making money?” , “Is this a special price and for how long?”…and many more. So, let us tell you a little more about the story behind Xpresso cafe.

meet our Stellenbosch team

When we started growing Xpresso, finding the best locations was part of our plan to reach as many people as possible and Stellenbosch was always our most requested locations to open a store.