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Like all coffee lovers,


But when sticking to a budget, treating yourself is the first thing not to make the list.

We wanted to create a space for you to taste the coffee shop experience at the best price possible. And so, for more than 3 years now XPRESSO Café has been serving thousands of customers all over South Africa.

XPRESSO Café is the FIRST R10 TAKE-AWAY coffee shop franchise in South Africa to sell ALL the items on its menu for ONLY R10 each.

We want to offer our customers flavourful coffee, delicious pastries, appetising sandwiches and decadent treats to enjoy any time of the day.

So, you never have to cross ‘treating yourself’ off the list.

pretty cool right?


You might have heard this before, but now you can see it for yourself.

everything on our menu truly is R10.


From our sandwiches, pastries, pies, doughnuts, coffees and hot chocolates….you will not find anything on this menu at another price!

get our Full Menu!

* Items may vary depending on location.


We are so sorry, our locations are not made for sit down and serving meals, but we are however perfectly designed for fast take away service to keep you going. Please know that no individual table bookings can be made. First come, first serve.

bookings for special events

Our yummy treats have been melting in mouths all over the country for the past 3 years and our customers are also using us as their supplier for special functions. 

Book some yummy, mouth watering treats directly from your favourite store for your next office party, babyshower, birthday or any celebration party you have coming up.

we can make your special day even more unique.

Contact your nearest Xpresso branch and place your order 24 hrs before your event. Alternatively, email orders@xpressocafe.co.za.

Send us your

proof of payment

Make your

collection arrangements

SO, are you thinking about a baby shower or a birthday party? 

We would love to share your special day with you.


Complete the form to book the entire venue 

for your special event.

why R10?
hello there!

Hi, we are Nicolene and Tomer Elhadad and we are the proud founders of Xpresso Cafe in South Africa. It has always been a dream for us to start a coffee offering that is affordable to everyone. 

We wanted to spoil people with great coffee, at the best price. So why R10? Because why not? Everything in life does not have to be expensive and yes we do not make a lot of profit, but in life, giving has always been better than receiving.

Seeing our customers being able to come back each and everyday for their favourite snack and coffee is a dream come true, and allowing everyone to experience what good roasted coffee should taste like is an honor in itself.

Life is short and we wanted to share this passion for coffee and yummy treats with us many people in SA as possible.

Thank you for being here and we would love to see you in one of our stores soon.

see you soon xx
look at you!

Well done on making it to this part of our website. Since you are here let us give you the scoop on our vouchers!


We here at Xpresso Cafe believe in sharing the love and we know our loyal customers do the same. We want to encourage you to share the love with your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers by purchasing them some surprise vouchers to make their day.


Here at Xpresso Cafe we loooooooove selfies, pictures, videos and GIF’s that show us how much you love and adore our brand. XPRESSO-Lovers, please send us your selfies and photos with your favourite  XPRESSO items and you might just pop up on our social platforms.

Send your photos to kayleigh@xpressocafe.co.za.



Hey guys, we believe everyone should know about our amazing and unique offerings, so please share us with your friends and family around the world.

 We would love to connect with you so feel free to contact us.

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As we watch our community grow, we would love to expand our brand with partners who have a passion for business, talent, and great coffee! If you are all in or even just a little bit curious about starting a franchise, please contact us and we can chat to you about it.

New Location

We are popping up everywhere fast!! Come back every day to see if we have opened near YOU!

Do you have a great new location for us?

Let us know at info@xpressocafe.co.za

Work & Play at XPRESSO

Do you love coffee & people, then you might be what we are looking for? Send your CV to work@xpressocafe.co.za

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