Xpresso Café Membership
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How cool! This is a onetime offer to join as a founding member and to pay the membership fee at a special price. Thereafter the membership cost will increase. 

So why would you want to become a member?

Because we want to brag about you. We want to show-off how great our clients are. We want to share your selfies, videos and your stories about why you love Xpresso alongside you. You will stand a chance to feature in or social platforms. Who knows, you might be the next big influencer.


What else will you get as a member?

1 x Thermal coffee mug (colour of your choice)

3 x FREE items on your birthday
and a big splash birthday announcement on our social media.
We want to celebrate with you!!!

Be the first to know about new locations and new items added to the menu

Selected to help sample taste new runner ups for the menu

2 x FREE items each month of your choice

Suggest a charity that we would consider for our monthly support system

You are perfect for this!

How do we know?

Are you a coffee lover and support us! YES
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We would love for you to share your creative nature, energy and passion with us.

Our membership will also provide the following throughout the month:

1. Newsletter on how to start your own business

2. How to brand yourself as a unique brand and grow a following

3. How to support the people around you and make a difference

4. How to get involved in our charities

5. And so much more